Thursday, September 15, 2016

Honeywell Continues thier Bargaining in Bad Faith UAW Files National Labor Relations Board Charges

For immediate release: Wednesday, September 15, 2016
Statement on UAW meeting with Honeywell; union files NLRB action
Today, the UAW met with Honeywell to resume bargaining. The union came prepared to bargain and made proposals addressing the concerns UAW local memberships have with Honeywell’s final offer. The company brought no new proposals to settle the lockout.
Further, after a two-month delay in allowing the union access to its South Bend, Indiana, facility, Honeywell frustrated the union’s efforts by not living up to its legal obligation to allow a comprehensive health and safety review -- a review that is vital to our ongoing collective bargaining. Today, the UAW filed an action with the National Labor Relations Board to make Honeywell follow the law and allow our experts to conduct a full health and safety review.
The UAW continues to demand that Honeywell end the lockout, return our members to work, and bargain in good faith to reach a comprehensive agreement.
 Senator Joe Donnelly has sent a letter to the corporation demanding that Honeywell come to the table and bargain in Good Faith. 
Where is Representative Walorski in all this she has remained quiet maybe because she has taken at least $10,000 dollars from Honeywell for her re-election campaign.
Candidate Coleman has been on the picket line with the LOCKED OUT WORKERS, while Honeywell was just rewarded a new government contract.
I just heard the story of a workers wife while on her cancer treatment was thrown off their Insurance coverage. 
Isn't this a death sentence to this family? Representative Walorski's new campaign commercial shows how she intervened for a veteran, but where is she in helping over 300 families living in her district? Nowhere to be found remember to VOTE 
In solidarity
Joe Carbone

Monday, September 12, 2016

Can you Believe Don the Con Trump idolizes President Putin and Deplores President Obama

Don the Con Trump went on Russian TV to praise Russian President Putin, while knocking our own President Obama. I have never seen such disrespect for the president of the United States. It seems republican parties attack on president Obama for the last 8 years has become so common place that foreign leaders feel it is OK to dishonor America.

I for one am tired of disrespecting the office of our president. When did it become okay to challenge the presidents foreign policies to the detriment of our country. I hope this election will change the attitudes of the opposition party but I do not see that happening. In fact their candidate Don the Con Trump is an open racists, and has made it OK for some of his followers to say out load what they think.

I hope that you will vote this November 8th, and support worker friendly candidates from Evan Bayh for Senate to Lynn Coleman for Congress, Phil Dotson St Joseph County Commissioner, Mark Catanzarite and Joe Carbone for St Joseph County Council.

In solidarity
Joe Carbone candidate for St Joseph County Council I

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

South Bend Community Forum for USE of Riverfront Parks and Trails

RELEASE: Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Mayor Pete Buttigieg will attend the first of four Riverfront Parks and Trails community forums on Thursday, September 8th at 5:30 pm in the Recital Hall of the Century Center. Residents will have the opportunity to weigh in throughout this process and the resulting plan will serve as a guide for making investment, use, and design decisions within the system.
Buttigieg will be joined by Aaron Perri, Executive Director of South Bend’s Park and Recreation Department, and SmithGroup JJR, an integrated architecture, engineering, and planning firm that has been selected by the City of South Bend to coordinate this development.
“The goal is to significantly enhance our riverfront, taking full advantage of its environmental, recreational, and economic potential,” Perri said. “SmithGroup JJR was ultimately chosen by a selection committee due to their extensive expertise in park and waterfront design as well as their strong plan for community involvement in the process.”
The planning process will include the area from Darden Road to Logan Street, with a focus between Leeper Park and the Farmer’s Market. While much of this area already required updates to its aging infrastructure, this creates an opportunity for a broad look at the programmatic and ecological needs of each park and the connections between them.
Event details:
Who: Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Executive Director of South Bend Parks and Recreation Department Aaron Perri, SmithGroup JJR
What: Community Forum to discuss upgrades to South Bend’s riverfront parks and trails
When: Thursday, September 8th at 5:30 pm
Where: Recital Hall, Century Center, 120 S. St. Joseph St.
For more information on the event, please contact Eva Ennis, Operations Coordinator at the South Bend Parks and Recreation Department, at (574) 245-6050

I am planning to go to this open Community Forum to discuss the use of your public access to the St Joseph River. If you enjoy the free access to our natural wonder than come let your mayor and the parks department what you think.
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Joe Carbone Candidate
St Joseph County Council District I

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day I've Voted Have You?

Candidate Joe Carbone puts out the final sign at the polling place last night. Joe Donnelly and Susan Carbone laugh that the Say No to Joe Signs were for Joe Carbone for County Council not against Congressman Joe Donnelly

Final night before Today's vote Joe and myself enjoying the last full day of campaigning. My wife Susan also is happy this election is coming to an end.

I have voted and removed an illegal sign or 2 at the USW Hall on Ash Road this morning already. Just the typical attitude of the Republican Party steal a Mullen sign and put up a billboard sized sign on someone else's property without asking.

Onward to Victory

Monday, September 17, 2012

How was your Weekend?

 Saturday, September 15,2012 Democratic Get Out the Vote and Meet n Greet at ELK's on Western Ave South Bend, Indiana. Lynn Colman at the grill.
 Sunday September 16,2012  Ryan Dvorak fundraiser at Parisi's in South Bend Indiana. Friends and family came out to support a true fighter of all families and workers in Indiana.
I also went to thank the St. Joseph Valley Building and Construction Trades for their early support of the Joe Carbone for St. Joseph County Council District I.

Friday, September 7, 2012

 Candidates for St. Joseph County Council District I, Joe Carbone on left and Mark Root right  answer questions from the South Bend Tribune's editorial board, and give their poitions on county government.
Yesterday, I went to the south Bend Tribune to answer questions from the editorial board. My wife Susan took photos of the meeting. I held my own and brought a couple of new ideas to the table. I looks to be endorsed we'll have to wait and see.